“Stinkhose”: They Try to Drive Us Crazy but We Only Get Stronger

I would like to introduce a term and the concept of a “stinkhose.” Stinkhose is a method of trying to break one’s defenses by overwhelming the person’s senses, especially with negative stimulation, beyond the capacity of a human being to process the stink. The method can be used by bullies and mobsters as a militaryContinue reading ““Stinkhose”: They Try to Drive Us Crazy but We Only Get Stronger”

250 Scientists Highlight Concerns With Earbuds

Wireless headphones, like Apple’s popular AirPods, could be dangerous to human health, according to a petition signed by 250 scientists.1 The devices, which include not only AirPods but also other wireless Bluetooth headphones, bring a new level of function and convenience to those looking to listen to music, podcasts, audio books and more while onContinue reading “250 Scientists Highlight Concerns With Earbuds”

What Are the Health Benefits of Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the functioning of several proteins involved in physiological processes. Naturally occurring forms are vitamin K1 (referred to as phylloquinone) and vitamin K2 (called menaquinones).1,2 Vitamin K1, which is derived from green plants, is best known for the role it plays in blood clotting, while vitamin K2, derivedContinue reading “What Are the Health Benefits of Vitamin K2?”

American Kids Are Medicated More Than Ever

Children in the U.S. are being plied with powerful drugs to treat mental health concerns. The medications, however, don’t get to the root of the problem and often create new problems of their own — symptoms that are then treated with more medications. According to mail-order pharmacy Express Scripts, prescriptions for antidepressants for teenagers increasedContinue reading “American Kids Are Medicated More Than Ever”

The Pressing Problems of Water Scarcity and Water Pollution

While the globalist cabal claims “climate change” is the No. 1 threat to humanity, necessitating radical quality of life sacrifices and the total relinquishing of privacy and freedom, there are far more pressing problems. One key environmental threat facing mankind today is the increasing lack of potable water, thanks to a combination of water pollutionContinue reading “The Pressing Problems of Water Scarcity and Water Pollution”

Are Disposable Diapers Harming Children’s Health?

Babies’ health is assaulted from all sides through exposure to toxins in their limited environment. Their first bowel movement has more plastic chemicals than adults1 and they continue to consume plastic particles from the public water system2 and baby bottles.3 Over-the-counter baby food is tainted with heavy metals4,5 and diapers are filled with toxic chemicalsContinue reading “Are Disposable Diapers Harming Children’s Health?”

One Man Wielded the Most Powerful Weapon Against the World

As reviewed in “Why Government Health Care Kills More People Than It Helps,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention couldn’t have botched its COVID response any more if it tried. August 17, 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky even publicly admitted the agency’s failures, stating, “we are responsible for some pretty dramatic, prettyContinue reading “One Man Wielded the Most Powerful Weapon Against the World”

Latest COVID Shots Sold as Genetic Software Update

Just when you thought the U.S. Food and Drug Administration couldn’t possibly get any worse, they prove you wrong. Here are two recent COVID booster campaign messages tweeted out by the FDA: “It’s time to install that update! #UpdateYourAntibodies with a new #COVID19 booster.”1 “Don’t be shocked! You can now #RechargeYourImmunity with an updated #COVID19Continue reading “Latest COVID Shots Sold as Genetic Software Update”


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